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Indulge youself in this floral, sweet, fruity aroma, one of the most refreshing and unique aroma. It also soothes, refreshes and inspires feelings of peace and happiness. Long lasting scent, always keep your room in sweet fragrance.Safe, clean & non-toxic diffuser is perfect to fresh indoor air.

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Blossom Reed Diffuser

Rs. 699.00

From Soil to your Soul

Soul & Scents sources essential oils from all over the world. We work with committed partners to ensure the best growing conditions and produce the best versions of oils.

Committed to Purity

We are committed to purity and quality. When it comes to your wellness, trust is key. You need to know that the products you’re using are high quality, safe and effective. We complete GC/MS tests for each essential oil we offer, giving precise breakdown of chemical components found within. All Good. No Bad.

Sustainably sourced

We’re deeply invested in protecting our planet. We work to support distillers who focus of sustainable practises be it natural or organic farming. We also look for ways to reduce our own impact, using eco friendly, recycled and reusable material.

Because the secret to living is giving.

With your help, we’re both making a difference. Every time you, our valued customer, purchase our products, you not only are supporting your wellness, you are also giving back what is taken from the nature. Our Goal - One Purchase is One tree Planted.

Our mission is to transform every household into a fragrant sanctuary, elevating the everyday experience with unique and luxurious scents. We cater to individuals who appreciate the art of fragrance, and anyone desiring a touch of affordable luxury. By offering a range of fine and distinctive fragrances across various categories, including reed diffusers, incense, candles, sachets, and more, we aim to fill the gap left by conventional brands. We are committed to making 'affordable luxuries' accessible to all, and as we expand, our vision includes establishing our own immersive experience stores and fostering collaborations with diverse experiential centers


In 2009, our soulful journey began with the establishment of a small licensed Incense Sticks manufacturing unit under our parent company, I B CORPORATION, founded by Mrs. Chetna Gherwada, with the main idea of spreading the indigenous Indian tradition of scents. With years of industry experience and a vast library of fragrances, the company now offers a product range of over 60 different kinds of incense sticks and fragrance oils in different packaging styles and different sizes to appeal to all scales.

Today, 11 years later, we add another milestone, Soul & Scents, the seeds of which our daughter Ms. Nidhi Uday Gherwada has laid down. She grew up understanding scents of all kinds and fuelled by her passion for learning more about herbal blends and powerful combinations of essential oils, pursued her postgraduate studies in perfumery and cosmetics, and gained in-depth knowledge of natural and synthetic materials. Soul & Scents embrace an essential wellness approach and use the best scents of nature to offer you blends that help to revive, restore, and protect your health and wellbeing.
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