Choosing the Right Essential Oil Blends for Your Mood and Needs By Soul & Scents

Choosing the Right Essential Oil Blends for Your Mood and Needs  By Soul & Scents

These days that what we call it life accelerates more than before and seeking for peace only impresses as an impossibility because such kind of finding is very uncommon. However, when the right combination of essential oil is utilized, this method will lead you to know the 'secret' powers, your mood will be boosted, you will relax and your overall health will be supported. Soul & Scents considers itself a confident soul that has complete belief in the fact that essential oils can do a lot of good and that our service can help you sift through which ones you would like to try!

Developing a sense of the Benefit of the Aromatic Compounds

EOs are natural essential oils extracted from any region of the plant like the flower, stem, root, peel and each of them contribute its own smell and healing ability. They remove tension, provide strength, and bring peacefulness back to the body, mind and spirit. The plants are critical in the society because they keep in good health the human bodies, minds and the souls which is better for your chakras. 



We offer a wide range of formulae with corresponding essential oil blend creating Soul & Scents essences which are centered around a particular mood issue in our store. Diverse options - relaxation, meditation, or energetic recharge - but our mindset is ultimately going for the alignment of all of these three (soul, mind, and body).

Essential Oils for Sleep : Healing Mind, Utter Contentment.

Of all the main factors that affect our overall health including sleep, rest and your brain power, the most important one is how we often end up being caught in the never-ending web of insecurities in the modern world with people who cannot get rid of insomnia. 


Practicing the art of dozing off is a hard task for someone else and our sleep with our blend is specially created to soothe the body. Soothing Lavender, steadying Chamomile, and grounding Vetiver eliminates anything that can cause mind uncertainty, and come to a point where all we think of are deep and satisfying sleep. 

When you are already in the comfort of your bedroom, and before you go to sleep or meditate, there is the beautiful scent of lavender, grapefruit, patchouli and neroli and many more diffusing inside your room. It can also be a few drops of lavender and lemongrass put into your pillow, making you sleep peacefully.



Synergy Blends: Bringing Body and Soul Together

In order to cater to holistic wellness enthusiasts we have the Synergy Blends which is thoughtfully blended from different single essential oils in proportions such that the combined result from this portmanteau is actually helpful to address different health conditions.

 Whether it may be treating stress, boosting immunity or enhancing mental focus, these 100% natural blends are made to provide and sustain the overall well-being for your inner and  mental peace. 

The blessed herb blends like Immune Boost with anxiety away, breath easy  and Clarity with bugs away and good karma are only a glimpse of what is in store for you, we have a variety of other synergistic blends that are manufactured exclusively for the purpose of satisfying ourselves. 



Chakras for Mood: The Statue of Unity is a symbol of multiculturalism and our shared heritage.

The ancient healing system of a chakra contains a spiritual theory that postulates our body as being an energy matrix, and made up out of seven vital centers, each of which is interconnected with both the physical and psychological characteristics plus our spiritual aspect. In our Chakras For Mood blends we utilize essential oils to keep your energy points balanced and in harmony enabling you to achieve tranquility. The blends are for every chakra whether it is the heart root chakras, sacral chakras, solar plexus chakaras and there are many more as they are carefully formulated to help in your quest for inner balance and emotional well-being.

Make the Decision For Yourself

To select an oil blend to go with your mood and to achieve the desired effect, not only should you consider what you like but also accomplish, use your instincts. Have a taste of different blends until you get the best that pleases your palate and keep in mind that blending different essential oils is only a matter of getting the right ones that satisfy your palate.


At Soul & Scents, we are steadily focused on your essential oil journey to help you maximize the benefits from the most appropriate blends to complement your wellness objectives. It could be a desire to connect with your deepest self, to relax, to restore life energy or a moment in your chaotic life. We are here with our blends, helping you achieve your goals. Feel our sweet smell of rose products, which will lead you to the road of beautiful sense of smelling the flower with Sul & Sentiment.




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